Excellence in interprofessional and inter-agency education and training to ensure effective team working to enhance service delivery

The Centre for Interprofessional Practice at UEA was formed in 2002 in response to UK health and social care policy emphasising the importance of interprofessional/ inter-agency working and education in delivering first-class care.

Our vision since then has been to create a combined approach to educating both pre- and post-registration health and social care professionals by offering opportunities for interprofessional learning (IPL) from the beginning of students' courses, and throughout professionals' careers:

Pre-registration IPL is offered to all undergraduate health and social care students from the first year of their professional training to encourage early interaction between different professions.

Post-registration IPL is offered to active interprofessional/ inter-agency individual professionals and teams in health and social care to help them enhance their current practice and care delivery and to facilitate their ongoing professional development.

The principal aim of IPL is to improve care delivery by developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour that enable effective interprofessional collaboration.  Opportunities for interaction between different students and professions play a key role in facilitating this process.